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Search Engine Algorithms: Recent Changes And Updates

By Dorothy Raj

Some believe that if you are doing something on your website that could get you banned from search engines, you probably should not be doing it. If this is true then why are there so many activities on the Web that can be considered illegal, malicious and, yes, spammy?

There are several reasons why some people engage in black hat SEO. One, they (webmasters) believe that they can mislead search engines. Two, there are webmasters who think they won't be caught because search engines do not pay attention to these things. Third, search engines impose penalties in different forms and levels, though most often a website is delisted from result pages once it is caught spamming.

To counter these activities, search engine companies continuously improve their algorithms by doing minor changes from time to time. However for a big company like Google, implementing minor changes isn't enough to guard their web ranking schemes. So recently Google has imposed a major algorithm overhaul through Panda and Penguin. Both sounds harmless but they are monsters in disguise, because both are intolerant when it comes to websites that contain spam elements.

This unrelenting vigilance is one of the reasons businesses in Singapore prefer to submit their website to to this search engine, aside from the fact that it's one of the widely used search engines in the world. In this case, it's needless to say that the kind of SEO companies businesses in this country should hire must be familiar with Google's webmaster guidelines. Basically it covers three aspects of website publishing, namely technical, design and content, and quality guidelines.

However, there are instances when a website contains malicious elements without the owner realizing it. Why is this so? This actually happens especially when the webmaster you hire tends to over experiment. Webmasters are often guilty of doing it but they easily learn from their mistakes. Another probable reason is when some management systems create hidden text sections, which could be read by search engines as a spam attempt.

It is crucial that when you choose an SEO company it should not only be professional but also updated with search engine algorithms. Everything about SEO is bound to change so go for an SEO SG company that can accommodate these changes.

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