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Keeping a Blog site Protected: Think of Securing WordPress Properly

By Danica Santos

Nowadays, people who love to blog or write online contents through WordPress believe that this is a decent way to make money using the Internet. Considering that is does not involve cash payment to post content, many are expressing their own thoughts. With the continuing development of the Internet, it goes with the tactics they use in blogging and they are now becoming more interesting.

Just like the WordPress blogging, many bloggers out there are beginning to reveal their interest about the latest platform in securing wordpress. These people agree that to generate more traffic directing their site, they need to have better protection to avoid different hacking threats. Remember that if online site experiences unwanted hacks from an unknown individual, chances are it will go down from its rankings and Google may even ban to stop the operation.

If you really want to defeat these uncertainties when maintaining a site online, you do have to spend time locating the best methods to safeguard it appropriately. The good news today is that many available methods are available on the net free and through using them to secure your blog; you can continue enjoying the benefits of online marketing and reach your goals.

The initial step to do is to remove the administrator default account to start protecting your website. However, you need to create a new user account and password before deleting the default account. This is important to renew all your information and not to allow unknown users from penetrating your account. By the way, if you have little knowledge about deleting the admin account, your dashboard will help you complete the process easily. As what they always say, practice makes perfect.

The next important step will be to determine the latest WordPress version and update your blog site. This is exactly the favorite strategy of many beginners out there. What is the exact difference of the older version than the new one? Typically, the older type has more flaws and the latest version is more precise and corrects all the previous flaws.

In securing wordpress, you may also consider revealing the latest plug-ins to install to your website. The benefit of this method is that unknown users cannot easily access your account because they need to proper authentication before logging in.

A final important strategy is to think of a complicated username and password to use. Many website hackers experience a tough time dealing with a difficult username and password. Just a simple reminder, never use the combination of your birth date because they can easily penetrate your webpage. Combining letters and numbers is more favorable when you create because this is time consuming without the exact details. This kind of idea is very useful, and bloggers need to understand this always.

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