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Is There More To Empower Network Or Not?

By Russ Howe

If you are like the majority of folks then you have probably looked into how to make money online at some point. If so, you will have stumbled across Empower Network at some stage and today we're going to clear up some of the myths surrounding this company. As usual, most home businesses come surrounded in a big ball of hype and you have to unravel this first to reveal whether or not you actually like what's on offer.

So is this any different from the raft of home businesses which flood the online business market every month or is it just another faceless organization, a fly-by-night destined to disappear within it's first year?

As with any home business you should look at what you actually get for your money before you judge whether or not it's for you. So now we focus on the products, the part which most people totally ignore and the reason why they mostly fall flat of their face without making a single dime...

* This particular business costs $25 per month to use.

* The main product members receive is a pre-built blog. Not just any blog, but an authority blog no less. What does that mean? Basically your posts are picked up and featured by the search engines very quickly, making it easier to get 'recognized' in your particular niche should you choose to do so. And it works, we tested it.

* The second product comes in the form of training and support.

* And of course the home business is also available. Unlike most other programs of this type, this company is product driven and members are able to choose whether they wish to become an affiliate or not.

So now that we have you wondering we'll ask the big questions.....

Does the price of membership represent value or is this just another over priced home business? This depends on your needs. Having an authority blog is very useful if you are trying to establish yourself in a particular niche. We tested this feature our and indeed our posts were featured by Google in less than five hours, so depending upon how hard you intend to work at your particular business you could really use that to go far.

However, this business does have something working hugely in it's favor. The training section is outstanding. We have seen so many home businesses lacking on this front that it was a refreshing change to be blown away by the depth and training on offer to it's members.

There is no doubt about it, learning how to get the ball rolling is a tough cookie. The fact that they provide so much from the get-go really helps those who are prepared to help themselves.

With most businesses people are expecting to get rich overnight and therefore even if great training resources are made available people simply do not use them. The one thing which impressed us here is that they are very open about the fact that all they can do is to give you the platform, you have to launch yourself.

The affiliate plan has more in common with a direct selling company than standard home businesses, which often opt for a matrix or low commission residual income instead. Here the focus is on getting members earning enough to cover their membership cost as soon as possible, hence the high $25 per referral payout.

The draw back of this huge compensation plan will come down to your own personal view point. The two up system has been used by other businesses in the past and is nothing new. You will either love it or hate it.

Overall we recommend Empower Network as a solid home business. It will not change the world, but it may just change someone's world. Depending on what you actually want to do in your home business, that could well be you.

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