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Why You Will Fail In Global Domains International And Empower Network

By Russ Howe

Both highly profitable and popular home based businesses, Empower Network and Global Domains International share a few common values. Namely, too many affiliate marketers fail to make any money with them, by overlooking simple guidelines.

Below is a list of the most common reasons for failure in these home businesses. The statistics are far away from the hype and riches promised in the videos you see online, but the fact is over ninety percent of affiliates are failing. You may see yourself in one of the descriptions below.

* Despite the big claims, most affiliates receive no help or support in building their business at all...

* As with anything new, people who are trying either company for the first time don't know how to get the ball rolling.

* Many of them resort to trying to sign up friends or family, which never works.

* Many affiliates are fed false statistics, believing they're going to build an online income in a week.

There's a couple in that list which will go away by simply applying your own common sense to your business. However, there are a few which are genuinely tricky to prevent.

One of those is the issue of so called Guru types making all kinds of promises and guarantees of easy riches, then providing zero actual help after the member has handed over their membership money.

Simply put, folks will often say anything they can to make money for themselves. They won't stop, you have to stop it for yourself. So how do you know when somebody is for real?

Both of these opportunities, as great as they are, have sponsors who are willing to promise you the world in exchange for you signing up underneath them. If you've never been misled before you can be forgiven for it happening to you however once it's occurred you'll notice these guys are very easy to spot. They often say the same type of thing in their ads.

Look beyond the hype for the facts. If someone is claiming that they will provide you with a miracle system to do all the work for you in a business like GDI, which is a popular statement, they should be able to back it up with facts. Try to build a relationship with your potential sponsor, too, they cannot build your business however it's important you get along with them on a personal level.

If it did all of the work for you, they would not be out there advertising for you to join them, would they?

Realizing there is no get rich quick system in either business opportunity is the hardest step. We want to believe there is. But any successful affiliate will tell you this is the biggest difference between them and those who fail.

Today's video features world leading GDI and EN sponsor Russ Howe.

With either home business you first need to set yourself a plan of action. Like any business online or offline, if you get caught up in the excitement of what might be it probably won't ever be. This also allows you to get serious about your business, which will enable you to avoid most if not all of the mistakes we point out in today's report.

When in comes to both Empower Network and Global Domains International you will begin seeing results the moment you begin taking your progress seriously. Most of the affiliates who fail simply don't put enough effort into their home business for it to work, or endure one of the issues we pointed out in today's report. Now you're already on your way to ensuring it won't happen to you.

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