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What We Now Know About Empower Network

By Russ Howe

The Empower Network phenomenon is settling down a little now and today we're going to delve into this online business to discover what makes it tick and why it became so popular in such a short period of time.

We will also cover what the company provides in terms of both products and affiliate plan, to enable any possible potential members to determine whether or not it is truly for them as a home business.

There are many features available but two stand out more than any others...

As a member you unlock various products, most notably your own 'authority blog'. What is an authority blog? To put it simply, an authority site is a website which search engines such as Google deems important, given the amount of traffic and notice it is able to generate. Authority sites would include Facebook, Youtube and Google itself.

This particular home business worked to establish itself as a site of authority, ranking inside the top 300 websites worldwide on a consistent monthly basis. By providing you with your own blogging system it basically means it's far easier to get your posts ranked higher in search engines and keep them there.

This can be used for any niche at all, so whether you are a personal trainer trying to get more established online or a photographer looking to expand your audience, or maybe you have a specialist area you'd like to teach others in, the ability to get your information ranked higher and faster can come in very handy indeed, that is for certain.

This program draws just as much, if not more, interest because of it's internal affiliate plan which allows members to earn money from home.

If you do step up from a member to an affiliate, however, your monthly fee rises from $25 to $45. We wanted to point this out here because in our opinion they do not make it clear enough on the main website at all.

Each time you introduce a new member to your business via your exclusive webpage you receive a $25 commission which you are paid every month from that point on.

Many other home business programs pay far less per referral but offer the ability to earn a passive income each time a referral gets a referral, and so on. That does not occur here. You only earn each time you personally grow your business.

That's why you are able to earn more commission as an affiliate of Empower Network per direct sale than most other online businesses, because you won't get as many referrals as you could in a smaller paying system such as Global Domains International which allows your team to grow through other people's efforts too. You also have a hybrid option now, companies such as Dynamic Digital Enterprise, which try to combine the best of both affiliate plans.

Take your time to determine for yourself which type of affiliate plan you prefer.

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