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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Mobile

By Samantha Lee

For the past years, there have been massive changes in the way people communicate. Before, it is only through letters and telephone. But now, people have so many options to choose from. They are no longer limited to those 2 choices. They can email, use their mobile phone, tablet, and many more. These changes should be taken in mind by a marketer especially when thinking of doing a campaign launch.

Of all the internet marketing strategies available for web entrepreneurs these days, it is perhaps email marketing that's considered to be one of the most popular. Since the day it was established, it has gained a number of loyal followers. This is no longer a surprise as through the years, this marketing strategy has proven itself to be effective aside from being cost-efficient.

Despite its popularity and proven efficacy, not all those who went into this venture succeeded. Part of the reason of their unsuccessful campaigns is their failure to recognize the needs of all clients including those who are more into the use of mobile phones. Around 80% of the population is using mobile phones. If you're able to tap this group, then you're on the right marketing track.

The following are some helpful tips on how one could make his email marketing campaigns effective among mobile phone users:

1. Make your subject lines short

The subject line is the first thing that people would notice. It's like a headline of an ad so it's important to come up with a good subject line. And because not all mobile phones are equipped with huge screens, marketers should consider the typical mobile phone screen size when doing layout for their campaign messages.

2. Make your copy short but direct to the point

Aside from the subject line, the text copy should also be re-assessed before sending. It must be direct to the point especially at its first paragraph. Users especially mobile phone users don't have the time to scroll your long lines of marketing so be concise.

3. Choose the text over html

Multimedia-rich content is awesome but not with mobile phone users who will be having a hard time scrolling the message. If you're considering this population, you better opt for the text format. However, these days there are now email marketing software that's capable of sending message BOTH in text and html. If you have a software like this, then that would be great!

4. Check your links

Whether or not you are thinking of mobile phone users when launching a campaign, you should always make sure that your links embedded in your message work. Broken links will only disappoint clients and may even prompt them to opt-out from your mailing list.

5. Check your email's overall size

Before you decide to publish and send your message, take one last overall assessment of your email. Is it readable? Is it concise? Remember, your message will be read from different sources so consider everything before hitting that 'send' button.

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