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Old style Network Marketing versus Network Marketing Internet Business Today

By Jeromy Michaels

If you're conscious of one of the longest established MLM businesses called Mary Kay, back when that company started there wasn't any Internet, everything was conducted on a face to face basis. Distributors would ask folk into their hoouse, hold makeup demonstrations, doubtless have 1 or 2 cups of wine making the whole process an especially social and personal affair.

Network marketing Internet business appears to be a impersonal process, but here's where most new network marketers are hanging out. Folks fail at Internet network marketing, because they do not understand that old concept of private service. It's superb that millions of men and women can be reached through the Internet, where off-line network marketing was extremely limited, but wretchedly few new Internet marketing pros understand the idea of old-fashioned belly to belly marketing. They haven't ever been in a face-to-face sales situation and accordingly they don't have any clue what the term "attraction marketing" means.

It's not scary, it's truly quite simple. If someone likes you and trusts you they are going to buy from you. And that is precisely the same way as it was done with Mary Kay, Amway and all those alternative network marketing businesses that have stood the test of time. The Mary Kay representative driving around in her pink Cadillac is proud of her accomplishments, and you can rest assured she did not get that Cadillac by selling her friends and family one or two bags of eye shade!

So how can this old skool concept of attraction marketing translate into the Internet?

The principle behind attraction marketing is to help others. People are on the Internet looking for information. They are looking for this information because they need something or have an issue. The Internet has made an incredibly educated buying public, they can research everything before they purchase anything by going on social media sites, posing questions in forums, reading articles and finding appropriate websites.

This is absolutely the way your business needs to be. You need to be where those potential customers are. It doesn't mean going on Twitter and posting "buy my product" each and every 10 minutes. You've got to gain people's trust by proving that you are an expert, and you truly do wish to help the person answer their problem. That is online attraction marketing.

If you are new to the entire Internet network marketing business concept, the great thing about the Internet is there's many places you can advertise, and when you get your first few sales you need to reinvest your takings into your business by coughing up for advertising, potentially on social media sites such as Facebook but don't rush off and do it now. Get a system in place first and follow it. All successful Internet network marketeers have followed a real system.

Where is it possible for us to get info about one of these superb systems?

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