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Utilizing Free Blog Images Today

By Reed Slidell

When you read a blog entry that's all words, how do you feel? Do you think it's how a post should be, or do you long to see some images that will make it more appealing? If you're like everyone else, then your answer would probably be the latter. Let's face it, blog posts for internet business are just a lot more pleasurable to read when they have images reflective of their content. Luckily, there are now sites which offer free blog images. You no longer have to take a photo every time you update your site. In addition, you increase your SEO value too.

Now, all these sound too good to be true, but, where do you exactly see these blogging images? Well, there are actually a lot of photos that can look perfect on your blog. The only thing you have to check is whether they are copyrighted or not. If they are, you have to know of their restrictions, if any. Using a photo that has an "all rights reserved" status can be detrimental to you and your blog.

For one, you may have to be confronted by the photo owner and asked to take down what you uploaded. Two, in some extreme cases, you may even have to face a lawsuit. Now, you wouldn't want either, right?

Luckily, free blog images that the public and SEO companies can use are now available under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. They just require attribution to the owners.

If you haven't heard of CC yet, it's basically an organization that standardized the permitting of the usage and sharing of creative works in public. They encourage the sharing of knowledge and creativity via free legal tools so no one would be called a thief as long as they follow simple requirements.

Caveat though, it's important to understand that CC licenses do not exactly replace copyright licenses. The former work alongside the latter by enabling the owners to modify their copyright terms in accordance to what they think is good.

After understanding creative commons licenses, let's now decide on how to choose the appropriate image for a post.

The problem when there are too many options is it can be quite difficult to pick the best one. What you can do is go to a particular photo site and use the search feature. Almost all websites that offer free images have search boxes so your life can be a lot easier.

On the search box, you can either type the title, the keyword, or the gist of the post you have created. Once you started the search, you will be presented with a myriad of choices which, in one way or another, are connected with what you typed. From these, pick the best ones. Then, choose the best among the best later on.

Free blog images provide an opportunity to make your blog posts a lot more pleasurable to read. Don't hesitate to give them a try because if you do, you would miss a lot of its good.

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