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Tips To Making Money Online.

By Laura Peterson

Why do most people fall short online and never make any cash? It is due to the fact that they think about money first and about their consumers last. They create a few pages, stuff them with affiliate hyperlinks and promotions after which they wait for the money to roll in -- usually they wait around forever.

Here is a simple formula to build a successful money-making online business:

* Carefully research several niches before choosing a theme for your site. You should be passionate about the subject and there must be a hungry market for it.

* Begin developing valuable articles for both your website site visitors and the search engines.

* Add more and more articles, spread them around, become active in effect this builds your reputation as a leader in your field, helps you gain the confidence of your readers and bring specific traffic from search engines.

* Work to build your customer base and establish your reputation as the expert in your field by working on new marketing strategies.

* When your site has grown enough to have at least forty pages of content and fifty unique visitors each day, then you can start to build on ways to make money with your site like adding affiliate links, using Google Adsense or creating and selling your own products or services...

It just doesn't make any sense trying to monetize your site, when you have only a few visitors. Instead, focus on building more content, driving traffic, building your list.

Follow the "Content - Traffic - Trust - Monetize Traffic" formula and you can't fail:

* Develop useful articles for the website visitors and make it search engine "friendly".

* Search engines will find their way to you and send you targeted, free visitors - your traffic will grow and grow over time.

* Provide valuable, problem-solving information. This allows you to build a relationship of trust with your audience and they will be more than happy to buy your products, follow your recommendations.

* Okay, now and only now it's time for you to monetize visitors: Add your affiliate links and Google ads, market your personal merchandise... And see your revenues increase.

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