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The Components of A Powerful Call To Action

By Rex Jurkiewicz

Online marketing has many challenges in it, not the least of which is helping people to feel the urge to take positive action on the offer. But do not forget that you can apply this in transactions where no money changes hands such as gathering leads. People are a great deal more net and marketing savvy now then they were ten years ago. This article is about the call to action, and there are many ways you can do this as you will see.

In your copy, you will have to use the proper elements of leading people to the call to action so they will be compelled to follow it when they see it. Remember that folks have to be very clear about the reason they need to follow your call to action. This brings in more clarity and gives your prospects room to think and understand your point of view as well, which increases the chances of getting a conversion.

The position of your call to action button comes first because if it's not placed in the right position then you risk losing the attention of your target audience. Ensure that it remains at the top of the webpage, but also in the center. Make sure that it stays above the fold. There are sites that don't take this factor into consideration and tuck away the button in some far corner, which is not at all recommended. If a button is highly visible, then it will have a better chance of getting more attention. This cannot be denied.

In order to make people want to click on your call to action button, you have to make the action seem important, which can be done if the call to action is worded correctly.

Every single step that you take towards creating an effective call to action button will pay in the long run. This is because all that matters is the readers that click on your buttons. Unless and until you focus on maximizing the response you get from your call to action, you won't see any great results.

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