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The Color of Sales

By Meagan Connelly

Inside any ecommerce project, you will need to learn the importance of colour coordination. While you might want to just choose your favourite colours and roll with them, you should note that the professionals actually design their ecommerce with specific colours for a reason.

There are some colours that provide more of a sexual message, and there are others that promote more of a feeling of community. There are still others that will try to help you identify with nature. If you have ever visited an adult website, then you have more than likely noticed that they utilize black and red. These colours tend to represent sophistication, seduction, excitement, sex, and even speed. These are all of the necessary emotions when it comes to adult websites, but there are other businesses to consider, and other colour schemes to take advantage of.

For instance, you might want to run a health food site. The colour purple is a great idea, especially if you want to make your customers feel important. What you may be asking at the moment is why these colours relate to your business. Typically they have nothing to do with your product, but the human mind has a unique way of reacting. When you are building a website you will get one of two messages across to your clients. You will either demonstrate your knowledge and commitment the customer, or you will simply show them that you cannot create a website to save your life.

Before you truly launch your website it will be important for you to review your layout and ensure that you are making the best use of the colour palette. While it might look to be a waste of time, you will find that the ability to mix colours properly saves you a lot of trouble and gets you results.

Before your ecommerce web design plan goes live, you will want to make sure it is thoroughly tested by a third party. Unless you have an exceptional product, there is a strong chance that your potential customers will not return to your website once it makes a bad impression on them. With that being stated, then you might want to start researching the effects of colour psychology. Remember that you might want to use more than one colour, especially if you want conversions. Drawing your customers in might seem difficult, and you might need to use different colour combinations, but it can be done. This might be difficult, but you will be utterly amazed at what colour can actually accomplish, and you will find the colour of sales and how it can propel your business to new heights.

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