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3 Techniques for Staying Clear of Usability Mistakes

By Kathyrn Kreiman

If you could choose one type of online business error to avoid it should be usability mistakes. Consider that your bounce rate may be sky high, and that is a direct result of poor usability. Some are more appropriate for things like optimizing a shopping cart, or if you offer one time offers (OTO), you can implement these strategies there. And if the term usability is unknown to you, then you need to learn about it so you can prevent usability mistakes.

If you wanted to learn from real-world blunders, then just check out what others do with their sites. Very dark site backgrounds is a total no-no because that always means the text will be hard to see and read. Color is one of those very basic things that touches people at their core, so learn how to use it the right way. Think about your audience and then the kind of effect you want to have on them and use that as a guide. If you have no eye for the combinations that work best together, then consult search engine research. The most recommended background, for business, is white and with black text.

You need to make sure that your text images are removed if you have them. These are not recommended banner images. This may not ever be an issue, but you need to avoid it just in case it ever may happen. The reason you want to avoid this is PDAs typically have a problem viewing these images. It will not look rendered. The images will look like blocks of pixels, not very clear at all. The usability of these images on your site will be very poor, especially if you use font resizing. The text will not resize properly which will create a negative impression on your visitors. While that may not seem like a big deal, you should only want to create positive impressions.

When it comes to mobile ads, you have to make the most of what you have to work with which is not much. You can think of this in terms of placing important messages above the fold on your regular site. If you're aiming for a completed action on your mobile site, then give important instructions at the top. So you have to know what the most wanted desire is, and then place it accordingly so it gets seen. You can automate a lot with mobile marketing and that is just another thing that makes it so much more fun.

Usability mistakes, especially in regard to preferences that people have when making websites, may not all be resolvable. You will start to see changes would usability as the web continues to mature over the years. So you need to remain open and aware of the web environment at all times.

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