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Make It Sticky, Quick Tips On Making An Attractive Website For Online Business

By Josh Pulini

Going online has definitely changed the way traditional business has been running in. The benefit is obvious. From the business side point of view, it saves overhead cost. No need to pay expensive real estate at great location to attract customers. No need to have store employees, etc. Everything can be virtually online, from product description, prices, pics, videos, etc. The website of an online store is just like a real store, except online. From consumers' point of view, having the convenience of shopping at the comfort of home and with the ability of comparing products and prices side by with side, and maybe with the favorite drink at side, is almost priceless.

Finding and choosing the right product for online business is of great importance. How to present the products is another good question. Online store although don't face the customers face to face, it's extremely important to have excellent product images and videos to show customers exactly what they need. If product function needs explanation, then a detailed yet not too lengthy instruction will put the customer's mind to ease. Otherwise, customer will easily walk away from the site. For example, glow in the dark online store Glow With Us have great video instructions on many of their popular products.

For ecommerce, you want to build a web store that is easy to navigate. When one walks into a brick and mortar stores, he should be able find interested products easily. The sample philosopher needs to be implemented when building an online store. Customers will abandon a web store page with a click when they get confused or frustrated in finding what they need for example, foam glow sticks, LED spinning balls, flashing bunny ears, etc.

Properly present the product info will help customers easily understand your product and make them into your customers. That's why it's important to group the product info overview, function, price, return policy, etc so customer will easily see what they are buying and the details regarding it. It's also important to list a toll free phone number and email addresses for customer to contact if they still have question after reading the product info online.

To keep a website simple and easy to get around is better than a site loaded with high-tech features and flashing logos. Customers come to an online store to shop and want to spend the least amount of time before they can finish the transaction and they are not here to view the high-tech flash player demonstrations. Too much advertising is also going to driver visitors away.

Another important aspect of online business is securely handling payment. Nowadays with so many identity theft and stealing of credit cards, it's important the online transaction is secure. And customers will not buy from a site that looks shady or not trustable, no matter how great the prices are or how great the deal sounds. It's really no magic that some online companies have become so successful. Everything has to work together, presentation, price, security, etc.

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