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Utah Local SEO: Optimizing to Your Local Area

By Luke E Hayes

Besides having unlimited access to information, one of the greatest parts of the invention of the internet is the ability to reach out to all parts of the world. While this may be a great advantage to many companies, there are companies that can't necessarily just "ship" their product/service to anyone around the world. These companies need their customers to be right in their hometown. If you were in a business such as landscaping, it would be really hard to sell your service to someone that lives three states away. Utah Local SEO can help your company get the customers that are ready for your business in your local area.

With any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign, the first thing that you have to determine is your audience that you are trying to attract. Finding your audience will help to determine what key words you will need to incorporate in your site. Are you trying to reach local customers with money or that are penny pinchers? What are the people in your local area looking up most in relevance to your business? Utah Local SEO will help to find the right key words to help get the right customers trafficking through your site.

One of the most forgotten, yet biggest tactics that helps to get local customers trafficking to your site is by putting your local telephone number and your local address up. People want to find something that is local to them. If they are searching for a local builder, people in New York won't want companies asking for business that are in California. Even though you can say you are local, no every visitor to your site will be local to you. There is a small range of local people that you have to capture the attention of. Your address should be located on every page on your site. You should also be sure to include your local telephone number. People will be more apt to call a local number that seems familiar over a 1-800 number. Utah Local SEO can help you to get this information strategically placed where customers will have no problem finding it.

One great way to get more local customers trafficking into your site is by registering your business with Google Maps, a free and easy way for customers to physically see where your business is located. This tactic often gets sites priority in search engines. Utah Local SEO can help you strategically place this map on your site.

Utah Local SEO works hard to get more trafficking to your business's site by attracting local customers that are ready and willing to pay. Check out the potential of your site today!

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