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Crucial Landing Page Errors That Hurt Your Income

By Latrice Dufresne

Your landing page is possibly the most crucial page of your business web site. This is actually the first page that people see when they reach your website. It is where you create what you want to have happen. So what is it, really?

You can make your landing page into anything you need it to be. This may be a webpage where you get hold of people's addresses before you allow them to see your site's content. It could be the primary page of your blog. It can be your money page. It is the page that you direct traffic to as an introduction to whatever your work is about. You've got lots of flexibility. Of course, this means that you have lots of room in which you might make a number of mistakes. Here are several of the major mistakes you can make and ways you can steer clear of them.

1. Making a mess of your headline. Your title (or your headline) must be able to capture your traffic's attention. It can be difficult to create headlines or titles. If you're able to afford to do so, hire a professional copywriter to assist you with this. You should keep your title/headline as to the point as possible but it also must be descriptive and engaging. If your targeted traffic does not find your headline readable, you won't see them moving on to the rest of your content. They're going to click away from the webpage. So give your very best to get it right.

2. Many individuals set their squeeze pages up to look and function in the very same way that the other webpages on their websites function and look. If you are a personal blogger this is okay as the lead capture page is the first page of your blog. As someone who is developing a business, though, one of the very best things you can do is create your landing page so that you can actually get people's curiosity.

3. Don't try to do a lot on your lead capture page. Your lead capture page ought to have one aim at a time. You get to pick what that purpose is. If the aim is to expand your list, your entire lead capture page should be about obtaining people's information. If you want to sell something, your lead capture page should focus on the selling of that certain product. If you ask too much of your visitors they'll get confused. You will see a decrease in your conversion ratio as your traffic is not going to know what they need to be doing first. This makes them quite a lot very likely to simply click away.

4. You should never disregard the basic aesthetics of good design. For some reason people feel that the louder and fancy a squeeze page is, the more successful the page will be. You should never cave in to this, however tempting it might feel. If you don't know what you ought to be doing for your design, you should hire a professional designer, to build your webpage.

Just continue to keep working. Don't end up being lazy or slack off with regards to developing your squeeze page. Continue working on it!

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