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What To Know About Website Design Connecticut

By Lana Bray

There are several things you should know before hiring a website design Connecticut company. You might consider comparing several options before making a decision. Some designers are not able to create responsive websites while others can provide feature rich sites that look great on every screen size. Technology is another important factor in selecting a designer. Some still use Flash technology for graphics and video even though it is not supported on mobile devices or tablets. HTML5 might be a better technology for your web page.

Websites that are responsive are able to shift elements so they display properly on every display size. In the market of mobile devices, it is suggested that you hire an expert that can construct you a receptive internet site. Some developers are still only make pages for desktop screens. It is recommended that you hire a designer that can do mobile programming as well.

Flash technology has actually been a pillar among internet designers for so many years. But those days are over. The world is mobile now and mobile screens do not support Flash. Some developers still make use of Flash however their sites will not work on all devices. You should hire a designer that avoids flash and will get your internet site working on mobile screens.

HTML5 is the new standard in web development. It is the standard language that responsive web pages are designed in. It also has the capability of rendering graphics, audio and video on all screen sizes, including mobile devices. Using HTML5 means that you will be able to reach your entire market regardless of what kind of device the customer is using.

Customers do not like pop-ups. Designing a website that uses pop-ups is not a good idea. Some developers and marketers may tell you that your web page will be more profitable if you use them but current research from the search engines shows that most web searchers quickly hit the back button when pop-ups occur. The Internet is so full of information that customers no longer have to sort through pop-ups to find what they are looking for.

Video or audio clips that automatically play when the page loads will drive away customers. Marketers and developers may tell you that this is a great way to capture the attention of your visitors but search engine research indicates that this is a great way of annoying visitors and will ensure that they visit your competitors instead of your web page.

Creating a mailing list for your web page is a key marketing technique that will help you connect with customers. Most customers do not purchase from a website until their third visit. Building a mailing list is a great way to encourage customers to come back to your website and to present them with special offers not available to the average customer.

Prior to employing any website design Connecticut firm, speak with numerous providers and compare their innovation. Make certain your company can make responsive internet pages that do not use Flash technology and can deal with all screens, including mobile screens. Make sure that your designer can assist you in setting up newsletter software.

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