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How You Can Shield Oneself Versus Danger

By Kym B Lesko

I was standing frozen, expecting an attack, the minute I heard a scream from behind me and found the intense glare of light. The person sneering before me brought up his own arm then to be able to screen his eyes. I heard a sizzling noise that had the very same person taking 2 steps back. There was yet another sizzle and zap, and then another person dragged me back. I heard Troy say, "You'd be smart to just leave.

I learned to like self defense products after that incident. And I recall the specific stun weapon Troy made use of to save me. While I was aware stun guns are non-lethal, I was still relieved Troy did not have to utilize his own covert stun gun flashlight with 9 million volts on my likely assailant.

Strong electric current targets the nervous system, Troy stated to explain how a stun device works. The result is a temporary loss of voluntary muscle control and equilibrium. The target is paralyzed despite the fact that the momentary effects do not leave irreversible damage as soon as they wear off.

I later read an online article regarding a woman who rejected to become weak whenever up against threat. Her defensive gadget of choice was a mean, concealed lipstick stun gun.

This disguised stun weapon that looks like the usual cosmetic item but really has embedded prongs on the top area of the lipstick-cum-flashlight.

Sheila saw a crook scream in pain right after offering a two-second burst of 3 million volts through his shoulder. He was at first blinded by the 100-lumen flashlight from a few feet away, offering her the opportunity to hit a vulnerable area.

A policeman was a guest on TV urged women to arm themselves with non-lethal gadgets for protection. Even something just like a pink perfume protector 1,000,000 volt stun gun, at four inches, offers a much better means to fend off attackers, he mentioned.

Tiny self defense weapons like that provide an element of surprise which provides you with leverage against an opponent.

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