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How To Keep Yourself Safe From Criminals On The Street

By Kent B Wermer

I could say that this guy with a knife which sought my wallet was high on something. I mentioned that if he wanted my cash, he could have it, however there was one tiny catch. He would have to try and take this from me first.

You should have viewed that druggie's face. He couldn't believe just what I had mentioned. Quickly, I understood he was going to take me up on my dare. My palm was already clenching my very own pointed keychain kubotan.

I've been lugging a kubotan ever since I saw a police officer utilize one to take an armed suspect down. This looks similar to a pencil or ball pen. They fit perfectly inside my pocket, and its keychain makes this even easier to carry.

I can attack bony areas of the body or jab at fleshy areas using my handy kubotan. Knuckles, forearms, shins, the tummy, ribs and also groin all make good targets. So do the bridge of the nose as well as the eyes.I am able to make use of a hammer fist grip in order to stab downward, or stab forward using it.

I can also make use of pressure point strikes on certain areas of an enemy's body. Holding the kubotan solidifies my own fist so I can easily punch a lot harder.

Several kubotans are strong plastic, and others, aluminum, just like mine is. These are very light, however very tough.

There is no talent or specific training needed to make use of kubotans, but if you take special training just like I did, so much the better. And kubotans aren't covered by any laws or regulations therefore I didn't have issue buying one. It is much like purchasing a common key chain.

I told that drug addict he need to learn to work for his money. If he wanted my cash, he would need to make an effort in order to acquire it. He approached me with his knife, however I obstructed his arm, trapped it between my forearm and also keychain kubotan, twisted his arm, and flipped him, bringing him crashing down on the street. I then contacted the police on my mobile phone.

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