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Discover The Advantages Behind A Ceramic Knive Set

By Lana Bray

Those who find themselves spending time in the kitchen, are always looking for labor saving devices. The latest one gives them a bit of a quandary though. This is the decision to persevere with their traditional, metal knives that constantly require sharpening. Or to opt for the new ceramic knive set. As with most things there are both good and bad linked with both choices.

People might not be surprised to find that these are a Japanese development. Some Sushi chefs were expressing concerns that their clients with a more sensitive palate could possibly detect a slight metallic taste to their freshly prepared food. Now the majority of foods contain acids to a greater or lesser extent, and it is possible that the acids could set up a reaction. Another good thing is that as they are unaffected by salts, oils and acids they don't corrode or tarnish.

Seeing a white blade on a knife in the kitchen does take some getting used to, and remember that it isn't a child's toy. They do feel very much lighter when they are picked up. So you might take a while to get the feel of this new knife.

They make the task that they were designed for very easy to complete. They do have a nice balance to them once you get used to them. A lot of thought has gone into the handles, and they now fit snugly in your hand. This means that what were once repetitive tasks are now over in a flash.

Their sharpness really is a very major plus point. They will retain their keen edge for so much longer than a freshly honed quality steel knife. It ought to be pointed out that this sharpness is not what people are used to, as a consequence if they try using this in the same way as a typical metal bladed knife they can end up injuring themselves. So until you are confident using one of these knives keep your fingers well out of the way.

There are certain things that you can't do with one of these knives compared with its metal relation. Many are so used to using the side of a metal blade for crushing garlic, this is something that you must never do with one of these new style blades. If you attempt this then there is a very good chance that the blade will shatter.

As with anything new, they have to be treated slightly differently to anything you have dealt with previously. For example anyone attempting to bone meat would find chips forming along the new blade's edge. Try not to put these knives down near the edge of your counter top. If you inadvertently knock the knife to the floor not only will it shatter, but the broken pieces will be exceedingly sharp

Cleaning these blades could not be much simpler, a rinse with hot water, a quick wipe with a cloth and it is done. They are not dishwasher proof. The handle is stuck onto the blade, and the temperature in the dishwasher could either melt, or weaken, this adhesive.

If you follow the supplied care instructions this ceramic knive set will give you years of use. Find out what other people have already discovered. This could well become your new best friend in the kitchen.

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