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Is The Ultrasonic Pest Control Device Effective

By Lila Barry

If and when you own a home one of the major issues you will have to deal with are the pests that keep lurking on your walls. It is embarrassing when you have visitors in your home and pests like mice and cockroaches keep popping up. Ultrasonic pest control is the best alternatives to inconvenient poisons and traps which are also messy.

These devices are really tempting to use since all you do is plug them in an electronic socket and the rodents you do not want to see in your house will disappear. This pesticide does not harm your pets. This idea is overrated since it claims that the gadget is able to distinguish between the insect and the pet.

Well these devices are not magic boxes. They use ultra high frequency sound waves to scare away arthropod pests like roaches and flee and even spiders. The ultrasound is way beyond the upper limit of the human ear hence you cannot hear it. The sound causes an audiogenic seizure effect which is a physiological response. It causes convulsions and non directional running. The scientific theory behind these magical gadgets is that the confused rodents will leave your home when the disruption from the sound hinders them from their normal activities like breeding and gathering food.

When using the ultrasonic insect control gadgets it is advisable that you use a separate gadget for each room that you want to keep pest free. This is so because these devices have a limited range. Some have a range of 30 feet but furniture and walls may interfere with the transmission of the sound waves. However, some companies claim that their devices work for a whole floor of a house.

The ones for rodent control are the cheapest but what makes them mostly used is their ability to also trap crawling insects that like crawling in the floors of the houses, basically there exits two types of glue boards. The tray and the board though the board has been considered to be the most effective.

Scientific studies have been carried out to test whether these widely advertised repels really work. Entomologists claim that the devices are effective in repelling some insects but have little effect on other insects. They claim that the pests eventually get used to the ultrasonic sound emitted as they realize that the sound is harmless and will therefore ignore it. Some safety concerns have also risen whereby the consumer reports that the sound interfere with the burglar alarm systems and cause distress to some pets like rabbits. Nevertheless, some users have reported success of the repellants. Customers are therefore advised to carry out individual research on specific brands before they purchase.

Back in the days, the Federal Trade Commission had charged some companies that manufactured these devices with claims of false advertising. They were accused of advertising products that could not substantiate. Today the devices are still available in the market though they might have changed the technology.

Insects and rodents can cause diseases like salmonella to human beings. You will know that your home is infested by pests when you see their droppings. Ultrasonic pest control are claimed to repel these household insects. Eliminate these insects safely with ultrasonic repels.

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