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A Cable Caddy For Every Use In The Home

By Lana Bray

There are a lot of ways for people to string cables and wires along when building and outfitting a home today. Using a cable caddy is usually a very popular solution. Today there are a lot of different things that are considered caddies but they all usually do the same thing or serve the same purpose.

Think about it, there is always a large amount of wires hanging off the back of your computer desk or worse yet, your entertainment center. There probably is not a television within a 100 miles of anywhere that does not have what seems like a million various wires hanging off the back and going into nearly every device. They are everywhere.

The organized and prepared people will almost always have ways to keep these under control. Not everyone can do this however and these are the people that certain devices are made for. Devices and accessories like a cable caddy. There are various designs out today as well. Designs that will fit almost any need that a person could have.

Then a cable caddy was used. They would still use the rubber ring in some cases, but the added a plastic or metal tube that held the wires as they went through the walls. Anywhere that there was a section the wire needed to make a turn or split up, this is where the caddies would do their best work. They would guide the cables along their path until they reached their destination.

The way they could guide the wires made for a smoother transition from one type of cable to another and also helped with whatever chafing there might be from going through the wood. When the house was getting finished and walls were finally installed they still used a sort of caddy when cables needed to come out of the wall and travel somewhere else.

The same applies when people are wiring their home entertainment systems. They would need to keep their cables organized and running along the wall or sometimes up it to a speaker. They needed to go to a television or keep the bundles of them in the back of a computer desk under control. There is no shortage of uses for these wonderful tools.

The various accessories that help people in offices especially are very useful. In a server room there could be miles and miles of cables all over the place. If it was not for the cable caddies they would be tripping over them all day long. They keep them running through the ceiling and in the air right above the average height of the employees.

A cable caddy can end up having a lot of uses. These are now not only for the installer or construction site. They also include the smaller residential sets and pieces. There are a lot of uses for these and they will keep all of the wires you have tightly wound and under control. They can be found at any local store but if that does not work, try online. There are multiple websites that sell a large selection.

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