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Malawi Culture Is Fascinating And Historical

By Lila Barry

If you are looking to go into a brand new culture, you could try seeing what the Malawi culture is all about. Located in southern Africa, it has many things worth learning about. It is an underdeveloped country, but it has many traits that are worth noting like its hospitality and landscape.

The Internet will have a lot of information available for those that are interested in learning more. Do a thorough search and you will find some facts that open your horizons. Politically, there are problems there such as human trafficking and child labor. Government officials do not get held accountable for things that others do. It seems unjust in this way.

Force is used by the police to prevent violence. They usually end up creating more violence with it, however. Citizens find these circumstances quite scary at times. Violations of human rights such as prisoners living in very vile conditions are among things that human rights activists work hard to prevent. Mobs develop often when the police are brutal.

If you get arrested in this country, your safety may be in question. Many prisoners suffer from many things such as life-threatening conditions. It has been known one time where a homosexual couple was arrested for their sexuality choice. Human rights activists were able to release the couple successfully. These types of things must be changed soon for this country to improve its quality of life.

Songs, rituals, and dance are a part of this culture. There is a lot of hospitality expressed by the people of this country. They are quite friendly. Initiation rites where the boys become men are special and each tribe of the country has different ways of initiating their boys. Researching how each tribe does things should quite an interesting search.

They all have different rituals that are specific to their beliefs. Researching these is quite interesting. You can look online and find many websites that cater to learning more about this country. There may also be books at the library or in your local bookstore. It is good to get out of your own culture and learn more about other parts of the world. This is a more rewarding way to live.

If you stay in your own level of understanding every single day, life can become quite boring and unfulfilling. This can lead to one becoming sheltered which is no fun. Learn all the different daily things these people do such as weaving baskets and making masks for their rituals. They also sell homemade crafts on the street.

Malawi culture is so rich beyond what money can buy. The people there love life and have a richness that transcends what their economy gives the world. Traveling to this country is a great idea as you can learn so much and get new perspectives on your own life. This is well worth the expense of traveling there. One things that they people here eat is a porridge they make from maize flour and water with vegetables in it.

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