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The Perfect Self-Defense Device For College Students

By David A Tennar

Being a college freshman, I usually stay out late from the dormitory. College pressure is so great that I head out for group study sessions, library research and also laboratory experiments virtually each and every night.

My dormitory manager alerted me to have additional protection during these nights out, since danger is constantly just around the corner for females like me. He advised me to utilize a Stun Master 950,000-volt rechargeable lipstick stun device with flashlight, which many other woman dormers used. This tiny stun weapon can provide a half-second burst of electrical shock.

He said to focus on the neck, shoulder, abdomen or groin for one to two seconds, even through half-inch-thick clothes. The short-term incapacitation a stun gun causes would leave me with a few minutes of stunning effects, plenty of time to flee danger and ask for aid.

Stun guns are non-lethal and would not induce permanent harm to an assailant, but the assailant would feel muscle spasms as well as confusion.

My India-born roommate has her camouflaged stun gun every time of the day. Since it appears surprisingly like a lipstick, just like my very own, she informed me that any opponent could not guess being about to be stunned.

Alexa, a Chemistry classmate of mine, likewise brings a little stun device everywhere she goes. It fits properly inside her own jeans pocket. Being small, lightweight, and also very easy to carry lets it to be hidden easily in the hand, stunning any clueless enemy that he is soon to lose his stability and muscle control.

One time, my dorm manager was required to utilize her high voltage stun device on a person which was shouting and wailing aimlessly outside the dormitory. As she poked it on his own belly for 3 to 5 seconds, millions' worth of volts took the man down.

Right after what happened, I suppose I felt lucky that my own lipstick stun gun, from its sheer size and also shape, could do the trick of disabling any enemy in just a few seconds. And it would, even without me having adequate training on martial arts as well as any self-defense techniques.

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