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Proper Way To Wash Urban T Shirts

By Myrtle Cash

These days, urban tshirts have become essential in many people's closets. These shirts are commonly being worn by kids, teenagers, adults, and even by a few seniors. Many love these shirts because of their color and unique design. These can be worn for casual wear and even for special events. If you own one, keeping it in the best condition should always be your priority.

One thing to remember is that these shirts should not be treated the same as your other clothes. Treat these shirts carefully so you can maintain their print. One way to do this is by always reading the label. The label contains instructions on how the shirt will be washed. It is important that one pays attention to the label to make sure that the shirt will be washed accordingly.

When washing clothes, owners should always sort and separate the whites from the colored items. These two should never be washed together unless you want to add more stain to your clothes. While sorting, take note of any stain. Stains are easier to remove if you can apply stain remover before washing the clothes.

Shirts that have prints on them have to be treated with care to avoid damaging the print. Before washing them, the shirts should already be inside out. You would want to prevent the print from receiving too much friction. Do not forget to do this so you get to maintain the beauty of the print.

For washing shirts, the water that will be used should be cold. This is more ideal as compared to hot or lukewarm water. High temperatures could cause the paint to melt. Cold water should be washed regardless if you will use the washing machine or you will hand wash. Do not forget to put the machine on gently cycle.

Gentle force has to be used if you are going to wash printed shirts. It is not a good idea to put a lot of strain to the fabric. Never pull, tug, or twist it too hard. When you agitate the shirt you are agitating the print as well. A lot of shirts end up damaged just because the owner was careless while washing them.

Printed shirts are best air dried since is safer for them. When air hanging, avoid using the neck hole when using the hanger. This will only make the area stretch. Instead, just hang it using a hanger that would go through the sleeves. If you prefer to use the dryer, using the cool setting will help keep the print from melting.

To iron your shirts, you have to be aware of the kind of ink being used. The ink used for printing shirts can either be plastisol or water based ink. A shirt that uses plastisol is better off not ironed for the ink will only melt.

With proper care, your urban tshirts are going to look very good every time you will wear them. These washing instructions should always be kept in mind especially if you love your shirts very much. Do not waste your money and your good shirt by not following these useful instructions.

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