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A Passive Income made easy

By Paul Hill

What is a Passive Income?

I was first made aware of the concept "Passive income" when examining a make money fast book. The book focussed on developing multiple revenue streams in the form of niche websites. Having read the book I had been totally convinced with the idea of making money on the web and inspired to do something positive about it.

A residual income on the internet is comprised of producing websites which has a single objective, to make money. Whether or not you have 1 site earning you One hundred pound a day or 100 web pages making you one pound each day, you are taking your revenue into your own hands and creating a profit by marketing your most valuable asset, your time!

Begin small and tell yourself, "if I can earn an additional 100 each year on the web, it's going to at the least fund your car tax". Once you start this method moving you will rapidly understand its potential and see a chance to make a living doing what you want, when you'd like.

The thing that appealed to me most was the fact that you become the master of your own destiny; a passive income affords you time, time to appreciate the important things in life or time to pursue your dreams and ambitions. By removing the financial constraints placed upon yourself you are free to make the most of your life in the way you deem fit.

Where do you start

The opportunities to earn money on the internet are limitless; it never ceases to amaze me with the different methods individuals make a living on the internet. Typically the most popular ways are:

1. EBay - Buying, selling, affiliation

2. Affiliate Marketing ? receiving commission for generating sales for other people

3. Advertising - Provide a platform for others to advertise on your website

4. Private Sales - Sell your product, services or advice on the internet

5. Niche Markets - Create a presence in a niche industry and monetise it

If one of these techniques leaps of the page to you then my best advice is to go for it, even if you simply discover ways to sell an item on EBay, all of us must start at some point and EBay is no better place. Register a new account on EBay and sell the items in your home which are no longer used, I guarantee you will be amazed what other people will buy. After that you can progress onto monetising internet websites in due course.

Whether you choose to start by learning web design technologies such as HTML and CSS is up to you, there are plenty of alternative methods of creating websites which require far less knowledge on the subject, Wordpress to name but one; either way you are going to have to come up with a method of creating websites to launch your money making machine.

My Experience

Having spent nearly 10 years working within the IT industry trying to obtain each and every qualification Microsoft had to offer, I evolved my focus to Website Design, I knew that if I wanted to generate money via sites then I would need a good understanding of website design and its affiliated techniques.

After Eighteen months of attempting to master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SEO and Photoshop as well as having a full time job, 2 children and getting my weekly game of golf in, I felt ready to start monetising internet sites. I'm not going to lie; it takes lots of hard work and commitment to achieve a absolutely second income, anybody who tells you otherwise possibly got lucky or is trying to glamorise an attractive concept. I am nowhere near a totally passive income but have much more desire to do so than in the past.

My current preferred method of monetising websites is through advertising and affiliate marketing. I have achieved my initial goal of creating a self-sustaining website which profits me 1 per day and have now set a new goal of earning 10 per day. Not an overwhelming amount of money but I still work full time as a self-employed IT contractor and anything I earn from my websites is additional. (Free money as I like to call it)

Take your first step towards a passive income today and explore ways to make money on the internet.

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