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All About the IDevAffiliate System

By Nathan Sloan

If you want to have a super successful affiliate program then here are the requirements you will want to give people. The first is 'trackable links'.

Professionals want to know where their sales are coming from. The second requirement is 'Page URL' links.

These two points are the difference between getting affiliates that bring you 10 sales and 10,000 sales.

Your affiliate system must be robust. If you were to get 10,000 affiliates over the years can the system you are using cope with it because it can be fatal to your business if it can't.

The last thing you want is to have one hundred affiliates making money in your new successful affiliate program and then for things to crash.

This would cause enormous problems with payments due left right and center is this were to happen.

I only want to use things that are easy to use. If there are two programs that are just as good as each other I will always go with the simpler platform.

You want an easier life right? IDevAffiliate is simple and very straight forward to use. They also have a great video library which will show you exactly how to use each section.

You can either put the software on your own hosting account which will be $100 or you can have them host the software for you for $29.99 per month.

I would recommend getting it on your own hosting account as it will be a lot more profitable for you in the long run.

I can conclude that IDevAffiliate is a great affiliate system solution that would suit most small to medium sized businesses. Remember that getting the best affiliates should be your goal.

It's a robust system that is simple to use and at a ridiculously low price for what it will do for you. See below now.

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