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The Mommy Blogger

By Michelle Casey

Being a professional blogger allows for a wonderful life. The first two hours of my day consists of writing articles and blog posts, and keeping back links fresh for the search engines. The remaining hours of my day are mine to spend as I please. You might be considering becoming a professional blogger, but wonder if/when you will make a full time income from your blogs. You can make a comfortable living from your blogs, IF you do it right.

Becoming a professional blogger means tons of hard work in the beginning. Let's get this strait: You will not become financially independent over night. You will need to spend plenty of time, effort, patience, and even money on your blogs. Think of your blogging business as any other small business. There are some expenses related to running a small business. In the business of blogging, those expenses are web hosting, domain names, and auto-responders just to name a few.

The expectations of starting a blogging business center around a ton of writing. In order for your blog to bring in enough money to support you financially, it needs to be established as an authority blog within its niche. Being an authority blog means the writing of many articles and blog posts. For this reason, it is very important that you pick a niche you truly enjoy. Also choose a topic that will give you various subtopics about which to write blog posts and articles.

Establishing a blog to the point where it is bringing in a full time income takes about six months, and that's IF you work very hard in the beginning. When I first began, I spent a whole year putting in ten and twelve hour days. Those were some very early mornings and late evenings. Over that first year, I was successful in establishing fourteen blogs all of which are bringing me income.

Are you cut out for professional blogging? Ask yourself the following questions: Do you enjoy writing? What topics are you considered an expert in and can you provide others with a ton of information related to that topic? Does your topic fulfill a need that others will be willing to pay their hard-earned money to obtain? If your answer was yes to these questions, then you are a right fit for blogging.

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