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Deciding On An IPad Or Mac Air

By Freida Lamb

People who are looking to buy a new computer may find themselves trying to decide between an iPad or Mac Air. There are positives and negatives associated with both products. In selecting between the two, many factors should be taken into consideration, especially price and needs of the user.

These devices are both capable of connecting to the Internet, if the proper service is available. They are preloaded with dozens of programs that can be used for recreational work, such as blogging and social media, or professional tasks related to business. Despite their similarities, the two products are separate devices, one a laptop and the other a tablet.

The laptop is available in two screen sizes: 13 and 11 inches. Both are thin, open just like traditional laptops and have a keyboard and track pad for navigation. The pad screen is 9.7 inches, the device is flat and has a touch screen. Both the pad and laptop have a design that is sleek and portable, but the former tends to be more mobile.

Another major difference between the two is the price point. The Air is more than twice the price of the pad. It is clearly a larger investment, but the higher price tag is because it is a computer over a tablet. This means that it is internally built to do more than the tablet.

The laptop device may be more convenient for individuals who need to use the computer frequently and require a mouse and keyboard over a touch screen. Apple mouses and keyboards that can be purchased and used with the iPad. However, doing this, makes the product even more similar to the Air.

Overall, making the decision between an ipad or mac air is all about the user. One should ask themselves how the device will be used. For fun? Business? Blogging? Will it need to be mobile and used outside of the office or home? Other things to consider: technology know how, price and usage.

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