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Is scambook a scam?

By Sam Purner

It's a usual human habit to judge your fellow human being. In Christian teaching, it's well understood in Matthew 7:5: "Hypocrite! You ought to 1st remove the plank from your own eye, and then you'll see things sharply enough to take out the speck from your brother's!" Christ also stood before a hateful mob and lectured to them, "Let the one free of sin cast the very 1st stone. However, people still insist on judging each other.

This is the situation with Scambook, which is a site that passes itself off as a so-called free community. However, it's actually a free-to-libel site! Scambook's business model is straightforward: It is comparable to a bully who is stealing a child's lunch money under threat of a beating. If a business succumbs to forking over $500 per month, Scambook is going to leave a business be. Still, after being preyed on by this bully, if a business refuses to fork over the cash, it is going to be libeled by slanted reviews of very doubtful sources, thus creating a loss of business, loss of public esteem and loss of reputation.

BBB thinks Scambook is a scam!

For a site that looks at itself as the proponent of business ethics, it is ironic to the extreme that Scambook features an F rating with the BBB. It is cited as not being accredited, and an alert is even put up on the site's BBB webpage.

How does Scambook go after companies?

This predator site locates companies that depend on their reputations in order to conduct business. Normally, the usual target is made up of companies that come with a membership model; in other words, the business that demands that members fork over a monthly fee as a trade-off for a service. The site then initiates a planned mudslinging effort toward that company or website. One such entity was targeted to the point that its owner committed suicide. Another began an entire site committed to battling this bad egg: 'Scambookscam'.

I really know of a site that owns a perfect BBB rating, comes with thousands of positive testimonials and even gets no complaints on the more credible complaint sites such as "Complaintsboard" and "Ripoffreport". Said site, though, has abruptly begun getting dozens of complaints each and every month!

Complaints not confirmed & never removed

A business owner went through the trouble of paying Scambook the $500/month fee and then contacting the person who complained about them, addressing their concerns and resolving the problem. Even then, this crooked operation did not take down the complaint - claiming "it is not our policy or practice to ever take down complaints."

A class action suit is currently beginning against Scambook. Over 200 complaints have already been logged. If you have been hurt by them, I urge you to add your Scambook complaints to this legal action.

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