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SEO For Web Developers

By Anne Wong

Traditional minds revere web development as a difficult art. To most beginners, web development is a herculean task that requires intense IT skills. This belief is purely inaccurate. The art of developing a website from scratch is not easy, but it can be done. Development of a website can be accomplished with ease, if and only if the developer is able to understand the rules of the industry and the requirements of the market.

In website development, a deeper comprehension of online platforms is a must. Web developers are expected to know these details, as they are supposed to interact with these platforms during website build. These artists should find a way to reconcile function and aesthetics. They should know when to utilise a media-oriented platform such as Flash or employ a CMS platform such as Wordpress.

But is the idea of web platforms enough? Certainly not. Web developers must go beyond their understanding of platforms to recognise important aspects of the web build process. SEO, is without doubt, a significant piece of the puzzle. Without adequate knowledge of SEO processes, developers create a website that's easily bullied and buried under a pile of websites! If the website is being developed to promote a brand, how shall marketing push through when it's clearly out of the market's radar?

Web developers today, undoubtedly, must exert effort to create websites that can withstand the requirements of search engines. They must learn how to appreciate the fundamentals, and incorporate these learnings into the process of development.

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