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Does Fiverr Help Internet Marketers

By Jonas Varig

By now you have probably heard about In case you are one of the few who hasn't, is a portal that allows people to both offer and hire others to do quick jobs at five dollars a piece. The main idea is to offer things that you do not mind or that you are capable of doing quickly and for only five dollars. Obviously this is not supposed to be a full time career option but it can be a super good way to earn some supplemental income for fun things or for building your business up a little more. The great thing is that you can take jobs through that are easy to do in your spare time. Here are a few ideas you can use for inspiration.

Say that you will hand out flyers for five dollars. You can easily do this in your community. This is a task that will gain lots of attention from possible local clients. Find out about your clients as they learn new things about you. While you are working on this one job, you can turn it into something that will last a long time. For another five dollars, you could also create the flyer as well. You could find out if the client needs help with getting this design presented to internet readers on the internet or at the local trade show. You only want to be seen at this point. You can take things to a different level later.

Offer to convert a client's documents. Doing this is pretty simple now, thanks to all of the open source and free software out there that converts files quickly. You can set up the file to convert and then go off and do something else while the conversion process takes place. Converting files (like from .doc to .pdf or .mp4 to .avi) doesn't usually take very long. The only real caveat we must warn you about is that downloading someone else's files is not risk-free. Still, the work is easy, it saves time for your clients and it helps you earn money that you might not have earned otherwise.

Let your software do its stuff and make extra money in the process. You will be free to work on other things when the software is running. You can't control the results. All you have to do is run the report and give them to the buyer. If you're willing to go above and beyond the call of duty you can offer a few bits of advice to help the buyer get better results along with the report. You never know, they might even hire you to make the improvements you suggest. allows you earn money whenever it's convenient for you. While this will never be a full time income for most people it's a great way for the extra money that is needed for special projects. When you properly plan for your work you can earn quite a bit of "petty" cash.

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