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Students & A Credit Collection Company Cannot Co-Exist

By Rob Sutter

Back in my freshman year of college, my English teacher informed us, "if you don't have money, don't go to college." Little did I know back then that his words held a lot more weight than I thought. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree a little over years after and the financial situation started to make sense. I wanted to do the very best job possible to pay off my loans. I just wish that students thought better of it so that a credit collection company wouldn't have to get involved.

If I had to describe the attitudes of the debt collection industry in a world, I would have to choose, "misconception." I don't entirely agree with this point because I feel like there has been too much bad press for no reason. As a former student myself, I can understand why students fear these companies but they truly don't have to because a credit collection company is a business with a job to do. Organizations like R.R.S. work with the client and debtor in order to find a peaceful result, no matter how much fear rests on the half of the debtor.

I have a great deal of sympathy for those who graduate because I know the feeling of the first pay statement. I don't especially enjoy the beginning of each month coming and having to address the pay statement but I know things have to be done. After all, it was on the docket when I started to school and I am fully aware of this. This isn't the only place where debt can start to mount and a collection agency can prove that they can get involved in just about any facet of one's education.

How much did your college textbooks cost you? About a few hundred every semester, possibly? This is not exactly your lunch money, after all, and I'm certain that a good number of students used their credit card to pay for them. How about when the time comes to finally pay for those various textbooks? Loans aren't the only place where collectors can become involved, so it's best to pay attention to your bank statements every month and make every payment accordingly.

I feel like it's so obvious to get out of financial peril because there are some bits of advice that could be accepted. What if you borrow a textbook from someone or see if your campus library has a copy for you to use for the purpose of notes? As far as the actual financial problems are concerned, searching for a small part-time job can assist you with the payments to make later on. A simple job in retail can do the trick until your career comes. Even if collection companies overall want to help, it's better to see a situation like this by your own efforts.

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