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Wander, A Combination of Pinterest and Yelp

By Diana Sepulvida

There's a new kid on the block of social media. Meet Wander, the lovechild of Pinterest and Yelp. This new program is a visual way of keeping track of all of your favorite places and what you loved most about them. For example connecting pictures of the dishes you loved at the restaurant to that restaurant's Wander log. All of those places you wish you could remember and keep track of for future trips, recommendations, memories, and planning. From restaurants, to dishes, to secret destinations, Wander lets you log your adventures and the soon to be ones, and share them with the world.

If your business is a place, this is a great tool for you. If you are for example a restaurant or a hotel, you can have your own page as well as have tagged posts about your place linked to your log. You can also do some linking to your blog by posting related recommendations that users will connect back to you. This can also create a relationship with that brand and audience. This is a visual engagement between users and your brand, think of it as a visual Yelp.

You can also "mention" others similarly to Twitter, which categorizes and tags places and users. However instead of @mentioning a person, Wander asks you to *mention a place* this allows anyone using Wander to follow both a specific user and a specific place.

This also a great took for getting your brand more exposure and internet presence. It also creates internet content, which is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and therefore gives you a better ranking on Google.

Wander has believers as it has received a cool $1.2 million in seed funding so far. Will you Wander over? Register your names now before they get taken!

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