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A Short Overview Of Next Day Mail Options

By Trase Jamison

Priority mail shipping has revolutionized the way businesses operate in today's society. Businesses and consumers now have an option of having their packages delivered by the end of the following day. There are four primary companies that handle the majority of quick shipments in the United States.

One of these companies, FedEx, has a quick service option listed as FedEx priority overnight. It requires consumers to have a package less than 50 pounds and available for pickup Monday through Saturday. The delivery times depend on accessibility of location. For most locations, the package will be delivered next day by 10:30 am. However, in remote locations, the delivery is guaranteed by end of day. The price for this option depends on weight, location, and added services, such as Saturday delivery.

UPS doesn't have a shipping option listed as priority, but they do offer three variations of next day delivery. The first guarantees delivery by 8:00 am to major cities. The second strives to have packages delivered by various daytime hours depending on location. The last is the most cost effective option with delivery guaranteed by end of day. All options include free UPS packaging supplies and are priced according to weight, location, and delivery time.

DHL is the other company that doesn't list this as a shipping option, but instead follows the same next day shipping model as UPS. DHL has delivery options of 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, or end of day. Pickup for the two early delivery times is only available from select business centers, usually located in major cities. The prices for both of these companies will very based on weight, delivery location, and which speed option is chosen.

USPS is the only option that offers a flat rate for priority mail. The flat rate is based upon what size box is used, the weight and location don't add to the cost. Deliveries are usually made within two days, but that is not guaranteed like the other companies. They don't charge extra for Saturday deliveries and pickups are always free. They pride themselves on being the only option when shipping to a mail slot or PO box.

With all four of these companies, there are always exceptions to the shipping guidelines listed. One common exception is shipping to areas outside of the continental United States. Many will charge extra fees or require more time in order for deliveries to arrive at locations like Alaska and Hawaii. It's important to always research the exceptions.

Priority mail is not a black and white business, almost all costs are dependent upon weight and location. Even flat rate options can vary if services are added on, like delivery confirmations. When shipping a package, it's important to explore all of these options each time to find the best rate for that package.

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