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Selecting The Best Domain For SEO

By Azariah Daniels

For so long, search engine optimization is connected to the articles that contain certain keywords that boost page rankings through online searches. These words or phrases are methodically fused into the article to make it sound normal. However, there are those who have abandoned this practice in favor of buying a domain for SEO and let it trend without filling in authentic content.

This process is called domaining and it starts by the registration or purchase of a domain. The domain name is carefully selected to divert traffic once an online user enters the keyword with a ". com" at the end. While there are no articles to be found in the site, the links in the parked page provides an earning potential for the owner.

More SEO professionals are making use of this tactic because there are no search engines that serve as buffer between the website and its potential online visits. However, the key to successful domaining is to choose a name that people often search for. If the project becomes highly successful, bigger companies might purchase the address for a hefty sum.

Since search engines favor the domains which contain a keyword, choosing the right web address is imperative. Just like a consumer good that people may or may not patronize, the name must sell among online users. Therefore, one must consider the ranking potential and linking probability of the name. One common mistake that lessens the website's value is the presence of hyphens in between words.

It may be a small symbol but it can dilute the credibility of the website since it is not often used for web addresses. It is also easier to forget since most domains are presented as one-word addresses. Likewise, search engines often flag URLs like these.

Since making a new brand is an effective online marketing approach, the best way to proceed is to mix a common keyword with a brand quantifier. The generic word should be placed first to make it easier to remember. Likewise, the generic word maintains the SEO principles that are combined to the new domain. This combination is the winning formula to drive a website up the page rankings.

Increasingly a . Com extension works better than . Org or . Net. Search engines often place . Com websites first but the competition to rank higher is tougher. Thus, other people purchase . Org or . Net URLs and do the dirty work using it.

Before buying the URL, make sure that it is devoid of any penalties. The project is doomed when its robots.txt file is blocking search engine algorithms and when Google does not show the website in the indexes. Be patient though for it might take a few weeks to a month before the domain for SEO appears on their search results.

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