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What Made Joomla So Successful?

By Rane Muller

To understand the phenomenal success of Joomla you must know what it is in the first place. Joomla is a program that manages web content on websites. Therefore, it deals with content management system (CMS). If you are launching a new website, the system would be able to guide you through it by managing everything you put on it. This includes content in text format, image, video and/or audio. Because of its easy user-friendly support system, anyone can use it in order to manage his website. It is an open source program which can be downloaded by anyone free of cost.

Elements of the cms that may be utilized for content administration: Every person or organization who wants to create a website or owns and manages one can do it with Joomla. Actually, many respected and big organization such as colleges, churches, government institutions use the system. Good examples of customers which use its framework to manage their internet sites are Harvard University, Pizza Hut MacDonald's and more. If you like to use Joomla for a blog it is possible as well but it is preferable to use it for more complicated websites.

Companies such as MTV, Citibank, Outdoor Photographer and Harvard University use Joomla to optimize their search engine ratings. Every website depends on search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Without successful SEO the website is not successful. As a website hosting program, the SEO features of the system are one of the most effective ones found on the World Wide Web. All you need is to download the software and go through the step by step instructions for easy installation before starting to use it to host your own website, update it and keep track of the number of search engine hits it receives.

If you are a website developer, Joomla SEO is your best friend when you cater to your clients. You can build websites for everyone using Joomla in the least amount of time and optimize their search engine ratings using efficient SEO features provided by this CMS.

Joomla was successful from the day it was launches. In its first year it had a few million downloads. The system was the most advanced among the CRM systems such as Drupal or Wordpress. Today it has grown to enormous size. The community of developers has also grown and the system has become extremely powerful and sophisticated.

Joomla community has grown and with it, the possibilities and advanced applications. Those applications enable developers to make very sophisticated websites. The features and applications enable you to add shops and control the inventory, add sophisticated search engines and more.

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