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How to Get Leads for Your Business On-line That's Just like Dating!

By Guy Moorhouse

"Big Brother is almost here. His sister is the telemarketing operator who called you during dinner last night." - "The One to One Future," Rogers & Peppers, 1993.

For anybody who has had a look at Martha Rogers and Don Peppers' book, it's hard not to see why it is timeless in the business market. In compelling argument, the book proposed an extreme re-thinking of the approach online marketers and companies connect with their existing and potential customers -- concentrating a lot more on keeping customers longer and getting far more cash from each of them over time, instead of merely focusing on increasing the number of new ones. And although it's been close to twenty years since it was first published, the guidelines in it are even more useful today than they were then, and particularly relevant on how to get leads for your business.

The purpose of this post is not to examine some treasured relic, of course! Rather, using the analogy about dating, I'm going to evaluate an uncomplicated, yet extremely effective method for getting leads for your company which will certainly allow you to easily connect with your leads in a means that turns full strangers into pals, and pals into customers -- sometimes lifetime clients.

Today, with the increase of social media, more and more businesses and on-line marketers have started to recognize the power of connecting with their clients. Though Twitter might not be as effective as dating your leads, connecting with customers is no longer considered as an option, but a competitive requirement.

Regrettably however, with many companies and specific on-line marketers, stemming from old offline paradigms of direct-response advertising and buying leads, the change into the on-line market has never ever been quite as smooth, one fraught with uncertainty, confusion, and irritation. And, as a result, instead of winding up delivering worth to their clients and possible customers, a lot of them have actually wound up turning them away.

Spamming is Not how to Get Leads for Your Company!

Spamming folks while offering absolutely nothing of value might trigger short-term and meager profits, nonetheless, the bad news is that not only does it not scale long-term, it's furthermore a sure approach to wear down the most crucial possession of your business: your customer base. So, instead of getting down on your knees and proposing the very first time you meet your consumer, why not attempt dating them at first as a much more logical, delightful, and effective option?

The way you do this is by creating a place where leads who are already interested in what you have to say can effortlessly find you. This can be a landing web page of your internet website where your leads come to find out more info about your service or subject connected to your item. To create leads for your business, nonetheless, the main objective of this very first interaction is not to get down on one knee and propose a sale, but to get them to agree to go out on a very first date with you.

Supplying Worth is how to Get Leads for Your Business

To do this, you provide something such as attraction or a present that's fascinating enough to get them to agree to go out on that very first date. The motivation you provide your prospect could easily range from a helpful informative write-up, to a free, webinar to a sweepstakes -- as long as it's of superb value to your potential date.

When they have accepted to go out, it is then your task not to screw it up. However, by regularly supplying value to your leads in the subsequent dates, your marriage proposal stands a much greater chance of being accepted and you have a consumer for life. The spammy, one-sided Big Brother has never ever won and never ever will!

The wonderful thing about this approach is that today's modern technologies have actually made it possible for much of this process to be totally automated, enabling you to establish a business and still have a life while running it, and it works for business to customer relationships along with business to business ones.

I hope you appreciated this method on how to get leads for your business. The only question that remains is: How do the leads get to see your landing page in the first place? Well, there are a number of techniques to accomplish just that; however I'll be taking a much better look into one of the more reliable ones -- content advertising -- in the next article. So, stay tuned ...!

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