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The New Facebook Ad

By Diana Smith

Facebook Ads are suffering. Think of the last time you actually clicked on one of those? You're not alone. There are too many ads on the sidebar and they are often perceived as untrustworthy and intrusive. However, there is good news for businesses advertising on Facebook. New studies are showing that Facebook mobile ads are more effective. They're clicked 13 times more and earn 11 times more money than desktop apps.

The success of these ads is that they appear to be a regular post when looked on a smart phone. They are seamless and camouflage with friendly posts. Users are mistaking them for content and clicking on them to see what apps their friends are engaging with. They are also shown less ads on their mobile than the web, which is also an important factor. There has been a lot of doubt about the future of Facebook mobile, as the stock dropped from it's initial $38 to $31.50 today.

Earlier this month, Facebook has let those advertising with them specify that they want their ad to be solely for mobile. This should motivate investors if it proves effective. Speculators believe that this is going to be the revenue driver that Facebook needs right now.

Facebook is leading the way with mobile ads as it's competitors, Google + and Twitter, don't have the scale, social graph, or on-site activity to make ads as effective as Facebook.

If your past Facebook ad didn't work, it might be a good idea to give this a shot. Find an alluring image and specify you want to be mobile only. This is a brand new feature that could potentially put you ahead of the game before it catches on. It pays to read these articles doesn't it?

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