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Your Dallas Website and the Lasting Impression It Makes to Potential Clients

By Brennan McMahon

Let's create a little hypothetical here: You just registered your company. You have a wonderful, magnificent, unbeatable service that you provide and now have a legit business ready to roll it out with. So, now what? You then make the decision to market your biz fast and get it in front of as many people as possible within the shortest amount of time. And being a wise business sage, you realize that you will need a Dallas website designer to make that happen.

What about just having a good business card first? Well, an excellent website compared to a lone business card is like a Ferrari versus a little red wagon. A rectangle piece of cardstock with your name on it cannot compete with the web. Do you still need a business card? Of course you do. But don't pretend that it is going to be the first impression people hold onto.

With a solid web HQ, you'll be paraded across the Internet 24/7 in front of countless billions as they surf around the virtual universe. Plus, a business card has to be physically handed to each and every person. Not so with a website, who is truly your hardest working employee never taking a break or demanded a raise. All the site wants to do is bring in more clients which means more money.

So, back to our scenerio. You chat up a Dallas website developer and give them the lowdown on what you do and what you need. And when you sit down at that meeting, any marketing company worth their salt will give you a mock-up of your potential website along with projected numbers where they believe your site will match up against the competition. You read that right. You have competitors. You're in a race to get more business. It's like a land grab, but replace "land" with "client." You most certainly need to have an impressive website that will capture the client's attention as to be able to grab more of them than the next guy.

Bottom line: Your company, whether fresh out of the box or veteran of the industry, needs a killer website that brings the masses and converts them into clients.

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