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Get A Marketing List To Find Your Target Market And Establish New Prospects

By Christina Cashew

It's rarely easy for companies and organizations to capture their target market. Even well-known companies at first had to endure a challenging period in reaching their ideal consumers before enjoying the wealth of support that they are usually reaping now. Whether your business will depend heavily on investors or will operate solely on your dime, you'll want an assurance that your new product, your new campaign, or your new event will meet its target market. With the rise of the digital age, no other method has served companies more effortlessly than the Internet.

Some companies may increase their visibility by making attractive pages on prominent social networking sites while others, with a bit more room in their marketing budget, may engage more customers by orchestrating guerrilla advertising campaigns that consist of videos online. In some cases, these innovative undertakings may give good results, yet if you truly want to gain more tangible results from your advertising campaign, work with a list broker that provides a business email list.

Email marketing has become a viable and powerful tool for a lot of small- to large-scale businesses that are interested in getting their certain type of market without incurring the huge costs which typically come with traditional marketing techniques. By getting the services of a professional, reliable, and proven list broker, you can greatly lower your marketing costs and still manage to reach new prospects for your company. Whether you're seeking a contact directory of local consumers or desire to reach a wide range of decision makers who can buildup your business, a list broker can help you maximize your email marketing plans.

The key to making your emails into real cash is to make certain your list broker can give you quality targeted marketing lists with pertinent addresses, phone numbers, and definitely, email lists that correspond to your kind of market. Once you've got the necessary information, you'll want to be sure that your email possesses a vibrant message that speaks to your potential audience. Your email promotion campaign will fail to engage your audience if it's merely generic. This is fairly possible even if you've been able to send the emails out to your target audience.

Marriott International doesn't send generic emails. Rather, the hotel chain optimizes its messaging for mobile phones, integrates emails with its Facebook page, and even plans to use an automated, data-driven, real time marketing strategy. To date, 25 percent of those who've obtained emails from mobile phones have visited the hotel's website. FedEx apparently plans to use transactional emails to cross- or upsell to its customers. Various other brands, like Orbitz, an online travel company, utilizes a totally filtered kind of demographic and psychographic information that's been known to send out email campaigns to just 10 people.

Your email campaign doesn't have to be that refined though. Because with the projected figures concerning email revenue, you'd want to take full advantage of this channel's worth. According to Forrester Research, email marketing is estimated to yield $1.7 billion in revenue in 2012 with a possible 10 per cent annual growth until 2016.

Clearly, email is a source for making it big in business. And your business would profit easier by acquiring a targeted marketing list from a dependable list broker. Sure enough, information is power and knowing, as the saying goes, is half the battle. And thus, don't just acquire the right emails and the right addresses. Lure new prospects and continue a loyal market by creating vibrant and engaging email advertising campaigns.

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