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Do It Yourself SEO Tricks

By Laura Gallagher

Doing search engine optimization is not a preserve of your web developer. You can still decide to learn some tips that can help you to improve the traffic that your website or blog receives on a daily basis without having to spend anything. This article describes some do it yourself SEO tips that can be put to use.

The principal aim of any SEO is to make your website as visible as possible on the major portals and other related websites. There are two main approaches which you can use. The first approach is cleaning your code and introducing snippets that will help the entire website gain a higher ranking on the internet.

The second technique is where you optimize very single web page on the website. This is where keywords come in and how you use them determines how much exposure you get. You will need to do some keyword research using some keyword analysis tools in order to know the best keywords to use.

When doing the individual page optimization, you have to make sure that the content that seats on the pages is well written. This implies you should not only research about the topic you write on but also you should also make sure you have the right keywords and use them well .

There is always a good keyword that is related to your line which you can use. You can do some research on this write on it. Another option is using a freelance writer.

Any do it yourself seo tips should be done with the visitor in mind. You should try to answer the question that they are asking in their minds when they visit Google. This is important in order to reduce the bounce rate which is defined as the length of time visitors stay after they discover your webpage.

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