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Video Marketing Together With Safelist Solo Ads Compared To Solo Ezine Advertising

By Lois Kellam

Video marketing has been very helpful in making online advertisements. If you have spent any amount of time looking into advertising your business online, then you know there are all kinds of options available to you. All of them seem to be screaming that they are the best method, but the truth is that any internet marketing can be effective if you know how to use it. The two methods we're going to compare are solo ezine advertising and safelist solo ads. First, let's take a look at what each one is.

An ezine is a newsletter which is delivered straight to the subscriber's computer through e-mail. The ezine covers one certain subject which appeals the people who are curious about the topic. Every ezine issue will include advertisements although those ads are competing with another ads and even the specific content of the newsletter.

That is where solo ezine advertising will come in. This is where the newsletter publisher would deliver your ad to each one of their readers that does not have anything else that would compete with the reader's attention.

Safelist solo ads are somewhat different. A safelist is an email exchange.Each one who signs up agrees to read the email messages with their messages being read in return. In order to receive credit, subscribers will click on a special link in the email to prove that they have already read the message. The more messages you read, the more potential customers you could send to randomly. But if you invest for a solo ad you could usually select the number of people who will get it, or (at the highest level) have your messages sent to every one who is part of the safelist.

The big benefit of solo ezine advertising is that the newsletter covers one topic. Therefore, if you sell a related product or service, then you can be sure that you are targeting people that will be interested in your offer.

Safelists usually do not have particular requirement with particular subjects, that's why the safelist solo ads are more tricky when it comes to targeting customers. Your best bet with safelists is if you're selling something safelist users would want; such as information on how to make more money with safelists.

One more major difference between the two is that ezine readers tend to definitely read every issue that they receive. So when they receive your ad, they are more likely to spend time to read it, and consider your offer. Safelist messages, on the other hand are not typically read all that closely. Why not? Simply because a lot of safelist users are just building up their credits to have more people to read their advertisements.That's why rather than reading every message, they're just going through the link that'll provide them more credit and then eventually move on to the next one.

Does this imply that solo ezine advertising is more effective compared to safelist solo ads, or vice-versa? Not really. It just means that you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each one prior to using it to sell your own business using either one, or both, of these methods. Video marketing has been powerful in enticing more people to see your advertisements. Video marketing which uses info product creation can certainly create an impression in getting your message across to your potential clients.

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