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Phplist - A Free OpenSource Software

By Dhruv Patel

Surely, there are lots of people who are having difficulty in terms of managing their own email list. Because of this, it is highly important that you look for the right program that will assist you along the way. Among the recommended options that you can try is Hostgator PHPlist. There are already so many people who have used Hostgator PHPlist for their email managing needs. So when you are thinking of getting this program, it is best for you to understand some facts about Hostgator PHPlist.

First, you have to know that Hostgator PHPlist is a form of open time source program, and using this application is for free. This means that you do not need to spend any amount in replace of its features. Surely, you will benefit a lot from the amazing properties this has in terms of managing your email list. The fact is that the number of downloads per month for this application is 10,000.

As you look for Hostgator PHPlist in the internet, you will encounter two main versions of this software. The first one is the version that you can download for your server and the other one is a form of hosted facility that will manage your email campaigns. Any of these versions will definitely offer you a great help.

For those who are worrying since they do not have background regarding technical operation and information, you do not need to worry about using Hostgator PHPlist. To use this program, what you just need to do is to learn how the program works. There is no need to be an expert in terms of internet operation.

There are lots of great features that you can get from using this application. This is particularly loaded with properties that will easily adapt to the kind of server that you have. This allows you to send your messages in a very quick manner even if you have shut down your computer already. In addition to that, the application will also allows you to compose and to send messages with the use of the net's interface.

You can expect that Hostgator PHPlist will offer you with support to huge list. In fact, there is a chance for you to contain thousands of subscribers. Though there is already a very huge amount of subscribers, you are assured that this application will still handle it perfectly. This is one of the reasons why others love this application a lot.

Tracking of data is also possible with Hostgator PHPlist. This application will provide you with information regarding how many people have viewed the messages you have or the number of people who clicked your link. There are also different templates to choose from. Thus, you can find the exact template that will be suited to your standards.

In the event that you need such kind of application, Hostgator PHPlist is the best choice available. Hostgator PHPlist has already proven its worth for several years. No doubt that you will feel satisfaction in using Hostgator PHPlist.

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