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Using Articles For Link Building

By Mark Meyer

Link building plays a vital role in the whole process of SEO and its importance is increasing day by day. There are a number of methods that can be applied in an effective link building process. Article writing and submission is one of the effective forms of link building, however, it is overlooked more often than not since people don't realize and understand its effectiveness and importance. An article that contains informative and unique content is always appreciated and welcomed no matter it is written by a person who is new in this field because it helps to create back links to your website and enhance your online visibility as well as raise traffic towards your site.

If you are going to submit articles then the articles must be very well written, interesting to read or useful, and relevant.

The following steps can help you write a very effective article that visitors want to link to:

Step 1: Select Your Topic

Select the topic for your article very prudently. You should select a topic that editors will care about and consider. Online publishers always pay attention to the topic that is relevant and want to link to. If you write about a topic that no one is interested to read, then getting a quality link is just a dream, and thereby you not only waste your time but also energy. You should select the topic about you hear time and time again and that is useful to many people.

Step 2: Do the Writing

Consider the tone and format of the article is a first and very important step. Writing an article is not as easy as it sounds, as it calls for patience, practice, time and in-depth reading. In order to write an article about a topic we must make specific points and then help readers understand the concept, idea or information that you want to convey. After determining the tone of your writing we should look at the format that you are going to apply. Do you need to have subheading? Bullet points? List? And so on, you should think about all these things that you are going to incorporate into an article, before you start writing. All of these things not only make your article attractive but also entice readers to read. Furthermore, you should determine the length of an article, more often than not it is between 500 and 1200 words and it is considered optimal on almost any topic.

Step 3: Test Your Finished Article

Have others read your article and offer advice. Make sure the article is proof read more than once, and try to get as many opinions as people from diverse fields and industries. This will ensure your article will appeal to the general public and does not contain any errors. Monitor your articles after submission, to see which topics are the most popular and get the most links and traffic to your website.

Step 4: The Syndication Process

Once you have chosen a topic, written the article, and tested it out it is time for syndication. When you are ready to syndicate your article this can be done with more than one method. Article syndication services that accept submissions and then publish them can help you syndicate your articles, or you can find specific websites which are relevant to your article topic and request permission to submit your article.

Locating websites that will accept article submissions can be done using online searches using related keywords in the search queries. Once you have compiled a list of possible websites for submission you can start submitting the article, and remember to keep track of the sites you have submitted to, the account info for the site, and the results seen.

The more you write articles and submit them for link building process, the more knowledge on the subject you get. In a nutshell, we can say that article writing and syndication is often viewed as the best and most effective method available for developing top quality links.

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