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Why Collection Agencies Don't Have It So Good

By Rob Sutter

I had a friend who said that he had a problem with collection agencies after he finished with school. His student loan debts weren't exactly one could pay with their lunch money, so it wasn't long until he had a debt collector approach him. While I empathized with my friend at the time, I had to wonder just how much of he said was true and how much was simply fabricated to make himself look better. I started to look into stories about debt collecting and I was quite surprised by what I found.

The article that I discovered was called "Real Confessions of Debt Collectors" and it was listed on the Huffington Post website. What the article in question told about was a series of stories told by people who worked in collection agencies and I was shocked by how daunting their jobs were. For instance, freelance writer Kerri Fivecoat spoke about the death and bomb threats that the company she worked with came into contact with. It illustrated how some debtors were not innocent victims, even if companies like R.R.S. work extensively with them.

A common misconception of debt collecting is that people who work in that field are simply horrible people and want to make others miserable. Despite the fact that many people think harshly of debt collectors, these people are not in the business to yell at or get into arguments with others. They only want to help clients receive their money and, in turn, make a living for themselves since collection agencies work on commission. Why would anyone want to yell at the person that could pay their checks?

The idea of fear seems to be the greatest point of contention when it comes to contacting debt collectors. Some people are simply afraid of what can happen but the worst thing that a person can do is to ignore a call made by the collector. This isn't done out of negligence since the debtor knows full well that they have a call waiting but they are terrified of what could happen, so they hide from the problem, which only causes it to escalate. Making excuses is not recommended, either, and can be as bad as ignoring the problem.

People who know very little about the debt collecting business are instantly negative about it due to merely what they hear. They will talk to their friends or maybe their family; even seeing programs on TV can strengthen that feeling of negativity. However, debt collecting is not as bad as they may think and the misconceptions that exist are merely that: misconceptions. These sorts of people are not evil or savage wolves in sheep's clothing. Rather, they are simply making a living while receiving a bit too much scrutiny in the process.

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