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Blog Topic Ideas To Save You From The Dilemma

By Reed Slidell

It's awesome to blog regularly to achieve steady online presence but there are times when you no longer have anything new to say. When you find yourself in this situation, there are some handy blog topic ideas that can save you from the dilemma. Read on and learn.

Anything instructional. Instructional blog posts are any posts which tell your readers how to do something. You know, how to bake a cake, how to attract the opposite sex, how to write a blog post, and the likes. These write-ups are surprisingly very popular both in short and long terms. People like to learn new things and if your tips prove to be effective, they can spread like wildfire in the cyber space.

Anything informative. You must be familiar with Wikipedia-the site where everyone goes for information. When you can't come up with any blog post ideas, it would be terrific to imitate the social media site. Define a subject or explain a subtopic of your niche. You may think that readers might get bored, but the truth is as long as you know how to write enticingly, you can make all topics interesting.

Reviews. Reviews aren't for the experts alone. Sure, those you see in print may beg to differ, but in this day and age when web publishing is open to everyone, connoisseurs aren't the only ones who have the right to review. Even the laymen have a say now. So whether it's a recipe, a restaurant, a book, or a tourist spot, you can write an objective and lucid blog entry about it. Reviews are a fantastic tool to influence people so make sure that you utilize it not just properly but wisely.

Lists. Lists are easy and fun to make. They don't require a lot of words for introduction and they can also make your post look neater. Besides, think of posts with titles like "Top Ten Things Women Hate" or "5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Rich Guy;" they're quite exciting, don't you think? Imagine how you can stir up the readership if you make lists like these. They're an excellent means not just to veer away from the ordinary but also encourage your followers to react on your posts more.

Case studies. Case studies are perhaps the most demanding blog topic ideas there is. For one thing, they require thorough research. This alone will already eat a lot of effort and time. The task is more challenging if you decide to do a case study of your own. You need to validate theories and present them in such a way that even the simplest of readers can understand.

Interviews. When you're tired of doing all the talking, why not let others do the talking for you? Conduct an interview! This must be one of the most fun blog topic ideas there is. It will not only rouse the interest of your readers but also motivate you towards learning and trying something new. See, you can never underestimate the power of others' influence. This is particularly true when you are dialoguing with someone wise and persuasive. He or she can benefit you more than you can imagine.

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