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Need A Strange Strategy For Generating Dollars Right From Your Couch?

By Joe Menzies

Hey there. It's good bet if somebody is hunting for strategies to earn money, the reason why is so you or somebody you care about is is really in a cash bind. That is an all-too-common situation these days.. I'd prefer if we could be getting in touch under different circumstances. Listen I'm glad we connected because I just might have what you need.

Pretty recently I ended up searching the Internet for a quick fix to my bill problems. Thankfully I stumbled across a shocking secret. If maybe you or someone you care about needs to earn more cash then this might be the most critical document you ever uncover.

Has anyone ever told you how document like what you're reading now winds up on the Internet? A lot of net surfers have no realization of how. But the weird thing is that it is simple, and it can be astonishingly lucrative.

Here's the deal. I discovered two men called Kelly and Mike and they've raked in tens of millions on the web just by getting web pages up on online. But the incredible situation is that it turns out that they were willing to share their secret. I had no understanding of how to make money on the net until they demonstrated how to get started.

Here's what I mean; For example: The shortcut that helped me plant this document on the net, which comes complete with a link that will let you to meet Mike and Kelly, didn't cost a cent. I'm serious! Documents like what you're reading now actually earn people like you a tidy income every year.

The guys have operated many different online businesses over the years. Kelly was well-known as "The Rich Jerk" a few years back - you may have heard of him. And Mike was a co-founder of Stompernet and a pro Magic: The Gathering card player. At present, they manage about 150 websites; these have lived through the withstood of the recent Google modifications, in contrast to a great many other sites.

Regrettably, the time of it being very easy to get webpages ranked in the search engines, especially Google, are actually over. Google is more enemy than buddy these days. They started out with their mission statement "First Do No Evil" but, now that they have shareholders, the most important thing to them is keeping the investors happy. And this means they need to make big money to enable them to compensate those investors. Google are trying to eliminate Search Engine Optimized (SEO) websites developed by small-time webmasters that compete with and even outrank, larger companies that compete for high positions by way of PPC ads (AdWords). In order to appease those paying advertisers, those who never pay for advertising (i.e. website owners just like you and me) are punished in a number of ways so that our sites decrease in rank. It's a rigged game.

You need to stop making Google your fundamental source of internet traffic. Google are perpetually enhancing their algorithms and SEO gurus and internet marketers keep needing to play catch-up with those very developments. So rather than constantly attempting to overcome Google at its own game, why not consider an approach where Google is a lesser consideration in your internet marketing efforts. So that translates to carrying out more social bookmarking, guest blogging, article marketing, etc., all aimed at driving targeted traffic directly to your websites instead of employing those assets to increase your pageranks in Google on its own.

And that's the strategy that Kelly and Mike's program uses. There are no push-button strategies here - they might work for a short while but it will not be long before such systems go wrong - and you need a long-term strategy that you follow for enduring success online. If you're an internet entrepreneur, its possible you have been negatively impacted by the Google Penguin update and so isn't it about time to reconsider your strategies. You can attempt to figure it all out by yourself or undertake somebody else's plan. Your choice.

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