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Hire A SEO Service Company and Boost Sales

By Luke E Hayes

Trying to grasp search engine optimization can be difficult and daunting. Whether you happen to be new or seasoned business owner there are some simple techniques you have to know to make sure your website is completely optimized by way of a SEO service company.

I have described the confusing technical jargon that consists of "search engine optimization" into laymen's terms to better help you to understand how to make sure your websites are SEO friendly.

1. Make sure that web crawlers can easily index the content on your site. A simple way to tell if your content is indexable is - if you can copy and paste it, than it is indexable. It indicates the text and any graphics on the page are separate layers, making the text-based content easy to index.

2. Make sure that a SEO service company adds a site map. Site maps essentially create a road map of your website, ensuring that all the content on all your pages can be effortlessly indexed. Don't be concerned if you do not know how to create a sitemap. Go to "XML" to download a free XML sitemap.

3. Pick keywords that are applicable to the content of the page. Relevancy is a "key" factor in SEO. Also, try and keep with 2-3 keywords per page. Adding to many keywords only generates misconceptions when trying to discover the pages particular topic.

4. Generate custom page titles for all the pages of your site you want optimized. If at all possible, use the keywords listed in your META-Tag. Web crawlers scan the title of your page seeking keywords and relevancy which fits your keywords and content inside the page.

5. Generate custom META descriptions for all your pages. Again, crawlers are looking over this info searching for matches to your keywords. Don't forget to incorporate these within your description. Also, take into account that only 23 words will be shown under your link on the search engine results page. Choose your words wisely.

6. Don't under estimate the potency of the H-tags. A SEO service can let you know these heading tags tell search engines like google that this content is important and requires to be given special attention. Try and make use of keywords here as well.

7. If it is possible try to integrate keywords in your domain name. This may not be as easy, but incorporating them into your URL is. Simply include the keywords in the individual page names.

8. Use a SEO service company that will write high quality, specific articles. Your content should not only draw customers in, but keep them there. Keep the content specific to one topic. Engines like google like one topic content pages, this enables for quick identification to keyword matches. Don't forget to add your keywords a couple of times within each page content, a 400-1000 word count is frequently great.

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