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What Is Pay Per Click

By Clare Westwood

What Is PPC?

PPC is an internet marketing device that is used mainly in order to direct traffic to a particular site. The advert owner pays the website (if the ad is on a site) each and every time the ad is clicked. When search engines are involved there is usually a fee that the advertiser agrees to pay each time the ad is clicked on. Privately owned websites however, can choose to charge a certain fee over a fixed time period instead of using a click through system.

PPC implements an affiliate model that provides opportunities where people are browsing. It offers monetary rewards to affiliate partner sites. The affiliates provide click through to the site in order to make a sale. Pay per click is a performance model and includes revenue sharing model, banner ads and certain other systems.

Websites that implement PPC will usually show the ads when a certain phrase entered matches the ad that the advertiser has included in the advert. Often they also pop up when a site with relevant content matches the keywords that are included. These types of ad are commonly referred to as being sponsored links and they usually show up above or adjacent to organic search results on results pages as well as in other places that have been specifically targeted.

PPC service providers include Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing. These are the three biggest providers and they all operate on a bidding system.

PPC models are usually left open to click through abuse and other frauds. Google has now implemented an intelligence system that combats the level of abusive clicks a campaign might have. No method is perfect though as new frauds are created all the time.

Working in PPC involves lots of attention to detail as often large amounts of money are spent.

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