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Understanding What Web Development Is

By Jeff Wagner

The internet has expanded a lot over the past decade. More companies are realizing the importance of developing a strong presence on the internet. They are willing to invest a lot of money into web development, which is the creation of any site or application that has to do with the internet.

While business will have the kind of money it takes to hire a web developer, most people will not. Creating an online presence may not be as important to an individual, but more people these days like the idea of creating their place on the web.

Luckily for them, there have been programs developed over the last couple of years that allow for people with little or no coding knowledge to create their own web page. These programs are so simple to use, that even the younger generation have begun to use them. There have been numerous blogs started by kids still in middle school.

Common languages used in web development include AJAX, HTML, XML, Flash and PHP, just to name a few. When used properly, these languages can be used to take a regular web page and turn it into an interactive experience for your visitors.

Compared to what it used to be, the price for getting a page developed has come down significantly in price. When the internet was still very young in the 90's, it would cost a small fortune to have a decent looking site made. Advances in technology have help bring the cost down, and have made access to open source programs more available.

Entering the market as a web developer can be a wise decision in this world where the internet is constantly growing. People and business will always have the need to get their presence on the web developed. Becoming a great web developer can put yourself in demand, and have more work than you can finish.

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